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Letters to Lou

August 29, 1944

Letters from Arthur Singer

watercolor painting of woods and small homes

Dusk in Normandy

Aug. 29, 1944

Dear Lou,

I’m trying again, and I’ve been wondering whether you ever got that letter I sent from England. I’m here in France and have been here for quite some time and I’ve been seeing plenty “Gate”. I’ve missed your letters a helluva lot I can tell you. I’ve wondered very often whether you were still at [Camp] Claiborne, or whether your address had changed. How is Ann? Have you been home at all? Are you doing the same type of work as you were?

Other than missing Judy more than I care to say, life has been pretty damned good. France is a swell country, one which would appeal to you and Ann. The girls and women are beautiful here, that’s no shit. I’ve done a lot of artwork since leaving the States, in England and in France, I sent home three packages of it already. Nothing “arty” but interesting anyhow. It keeps my mind occupied when I’m not writing or doing other sundry jobs. I hear from Judy and the folks often and have been getting packages also. Please write, Lou, if this letter gets to you. Note the new address. Love you you and Ann.

Your pal,


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