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September 28, 1943

Letters from George Daley

man in coat and gloves standing in front of a house

George Daley, in Hartford Connecticut

To:  Mrs George F. Daley, Depot St., Hyde Park Vermont

Return address:
Lt. George F. Daley  0-515914
Co A, 293rd Eng [C] Bn
APO #184, c/o Postmaster
Los Angeles, California

Letterhead: Camp Forrest, Tennessee

Sept 28th ‘43
Dear Folks:

As you can see by my new address it didn’t take long to get to sunny California!!!  Our trip out here was very interesting as far as seeing the country goes.  We were on the train five days, it doesn’t take that long to get out here but this trip wasn’t an important one so we had to give the other trains the right of way.

We came through Tennessee, across the Mississippi, across Arkansas and Oklahoma.  From there we crossed the Texas “panhandle” to New Mexico.  Sunday morning we were in El Paso, Texas. It sets on the Rio Grande River, just across from Mexico.  It’s a pretty city and all the houses are small, one story affairs with lots of bright colours.

From El Paso we crossed New Mexico and Arizona.  We left our train in Yuma, Arizona and rode by truck to our present area which is only 16 miles from Yuma and in California.  Yuma is on the Colorado River and in the Southwestern corner of Arizona.  At present we’re camped out in the desert and on both sides you can see mountains.  They’re not the rolling kind but rather the rugged kind with jagged peaks.  Arizona has plenty of cactus and lovely mountains.  Out here we have sand to boot.  Tell Ellen that the first chance I get I’m going into Los Angeles and perhaps see some actors. I’m about 150 miles from the Pacific, which I’m going to make a special trip to see.  

I haven’t much time now so will have to write later. You see it’s 8:00 o’clock at here, that’s 11:00 o’clock by your time.  I haven’t heard from Hyde Park in about 4 weeks so I don’t know what is going on.


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