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July 28, 1943

Letters from George Daley

man in dark clothing standing in front of a barn with sun shining behind him

George Daley, spring 1943 at his parents' home

To:  Mrs George Daley, Depot St., Hyde Park Vermont

Return address: C.E. U.S. ARMY

28 July ‘43
Dear Folks:

Thought perhaps you like to know in what condition I arrived here – latest reports are everything is o.k. – I got in St Louis Monday nite at 5:00 and stayed Monday and part of Tuesday there – I arrived here late Tuesday and had to wait until today before getting down to business --.

I was assigned to a training unit this morning but I had only been there about 10 minutes before my assignment was cancelled.  I don’t what the story is but I think I’m shipping out for a new post this afternoon – if you don’t hear from me for awhile don’t worry – I don’t know as yet where I’m going and it may be possible I’ll stay here – This place isn’t the ideal post and I don’t mind leaving it at all – yesterday it was about 112° when we arrived.

If I ship out I’ll try and drop some cards on the way – five of the fellows that came here from Omaha have gone to Alabama – but you can’t count on that --.

I guess that’s all for now -


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