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November 13, 1944

Letters from Theodore Katz

group of soldiers with three civilians outside a building

Written on back: "Celebration - somewhere in [redacted] 1944"

Nov. 13, ‘44

Dearest Helen,

Right now, the elements are having a hey-dey with a real-honest-to-goodness blizzard – and I sit here humming “Jingle Bells” happily, because I am inside looking out and not vice versa. But – the main reason for my joy is you. Not that this is unusual, as you are a constant source of happiness to me. But, tonight my cup floweth over. In front of me I have 4 letters, and a wonderful package from you. It arrived in fine condition, a tribute to your wrapping ability and the laws of chance.

Upon delving into the contents, I find all sorts of wonderful things – tasty foods and practical items such as the mirror, soap dish and toothbrush. I couldn’t have asked for anything better – and if you were here at this moment I would “reward” you until you hollered “Uncle” – and then I would start all over again. The little notes attached to each item were the finishing touch – I got such a kick out of them.

The “boys of the back room” and I have just sampled the cheese, which in combination with some of the local variety of pumpernickel, is delicious. Even Jack, who has a phobia against cheese, is asking for another piece.

As I look at the toothbrush, I recall the first one you bought me – that not-to-be-forgotten evening I pursued you to N.Y. and after much confusion, address hunting and telegrams – everything came out as smooth as silk.

Excuse me, but this cheese intrigues me, especially after a supper (?), a description of which I will forego, so – out comes my knife and another slice of cheese shall disappear very rapidly –

I’ll save the other delicacies for another evening. Wish Sam were here to enjoy the spaghetti – we being such gourmets and connoisseurs. No further word from him, though I know it’s just the usual delay in the mails.

The latest of your letters is Nov 3rd, dealing with Helen Hayes and the National Theater and including a note from Mrs. Henry. She is the one who creates newspaper headlines. Am I correct? I want you to tender my thanks for her kind words and her efforts to lift your morale on those mailess days. From the praises she lavishes upon you, I can easily deduce that she has impeccable taste in people. Also, convey my hopes that the postman visits her regularly and all is well within the Henry tribe.

Good Lord – what a hog. Here I go for more cheese.

Inclosed you have no doubt already found two snapshots taken one day as we stopped in a town for a few moments. The group picture shows what took place within a few moments of alighting from the trucks. The man, together with his wife and Amazonic daughter came out of the building in the background waving a bottle of cognac and would not rest until we had all drunk a toast to their liberation. I know the prints are small, but I’m fortunate to even get these, and if you get out the magnifying glass I think you’ll be able to discern the features of Jack, Dave and the one who loves you –


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