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August 4, 1944

Letters from Theodore Katz

Sketch of soldier brandishing a daggar

Ted's sketch of a man with a dagger ... one of the German souvenirs?

August 4, 1944

Dear Helen,

Your letter today told me of receiving the watch. Frankly, I didn’t think you’d received it so soon – by soon, I mean, a month and a half or so. Glad it arrived in good condition, except for the dirty face – and I’m sure it’s glad to get back to a normal life.

Right now, I’m sitting on the edge of a hay field, while some French farmers pile the hay high on a wagon – a very peaceful scene. However, the cities and villages and farm houses have all but been flattened. Ho [sic] see, any structure without scars is unusual. It’s a common sight to see a family sitting in the doorway of their roofless home (also minus a wall or two) watching the endless columns of trucks and troops and continually waving their arms. – And as long as there is a window left, it is always occupied by the everpresent pot of geraniums.

The Nazis left this area in such a hurry that they’ve left it strewn with their equipment – a souvenir-collectors holiday. However, as I’m sure you’re not interested in German helmets, bayonets, etc. – I shall wait until I come across something appropriate and send it on to you.

By now, I can imagine that you have a good tan – I think I have too, - but sometimes I can’t figure out whether or not it may be just diet and dust. After a short trip on one of these roads one can easily pass as an end man in a minstrel show.

Though the news is good and gets better every day, I’m waiting for word that this mess is over. Only then will I be satisfied. I can hardly wait to get my watch back. Fooled you!

Time to retire – so again, goodnight – on paper – most unsatisfactory – n’est ce pas (to lapse carelessly into French). I’ll have to go some to catch up. (I don’t mean on my French).

Regards to the folks and the “admirers” and –

Love to you,

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