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Operation Whipsaw

When the second platoon left the Landonvillers operation, it headed north to Luxembourg for a sonic operation in the same general area where operation Flaxweiler had been performed.

The mission this time was to simulate, the first night, three tank battalions moving into two different locations on the Moselle River. The second night the job was to portray the three battalions making adjustments and establishing outposts in the same location. The objective this time was to threaten the front, Grevenmacher to Saarlautern. Once more the 2nd Cavalry Group gave support to the deception by indulging in the same activities as they did during the first operation at Flaxweiler. Further weight was added by the employment of rubber artillery in position previously occupied by XX Corps artillery.

The second platoon provided security for the sonic tracks while they broadcast their lullabies for the Germans. Jerry reacted to these disturbances by a generous use of flares, increased mortar fire and artillery fire, plus reconnaissance planes over the area. Three assault boats were observed trying to cross the Moselle. These crossings were not completed because of unusually rapid current at the time.

On Feb. 3rd, Lt. Robinson and his men started back for home at 0930 hours and hit Briey at 1145 hours.

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