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1944 Entries

January to June 1944

soldier and a woman in a doorway with wine bottles

Bill Blass and Bob Tompkins' wife, usually referred to in his diary as Bunn (Bunny) and Babe. Courtesy Bob Tompkins Collection, Ghost Army Archive .

Jan. 15 - 18 Meade - Forrest [Fort George G. Meade, Md. Camp Forrest, Tennessee.]

Jan. 25 Bunn's Arrival in Tullahoma [Tennessee]

April 20 - 22 Forrest - Kilmer [Camp Forest to Camp Kilmer, NJ]

May 3 3 A. M. Left New York for England

May 2 Left Kilmer to board Henry Gibbons [US Army transport]

May 14 Anchored off Cardiff [capital of Wales, about 150 miles west of London]

May 15 Docked Avonmouth [port of Bristol, England]

May 16 4 A. M. Left boat and boarded train for Kineton (Walton Hall) [Estate, England, near Stratford-on-Avon]

June 18 Left Walton Hall and arrived Exeter [city in Devon, England] - 154 miles

June 19 Saw hundreds of C 47's leave nearby airport to drop supplies and return a few hours later.

June 20 Left Exeter - arrived Hursley Camp - 115 Miles.

June 21 Left Hursley for Southampton - Boarded the L.S.T. [Landing Ship, Tank] 335 late afternoon.

June 22 Laid in harbor off "Isle of Wight"

June 23 11:46 P.M. pulled anchor for France

June 24 "D" plus 18 - Anchored off Utah beach about 11:30 A.M. drove out the big doors about 5:30 P.M. through traffic control area, etc. through Carentan, Isigny, to about 3 miles north of Treviers, arrived at camp about midnight. Ecranville.

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