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The George William Curtis Collection

In December 2016, The Ghost Army Legacy Project acquired a collection of 90 rare photos of WWII inflatable dummies. The photos appear to be part of a U.S. Army camouflage archive from Fort Belvoir that was lost/abandoned in the 1990s. The collection was acquired with the assistance of a generous donation from Georgianne Kasuli , and is named after her father, George W. Curtis, a​ Ghost Army veteran who served in the 406th Combat Engineers.

The photos depict the dummies during the manufacture and testing phases. They also reveal details of the dummies construction.

Of particular interest are photographs of dummy landing craft filled with dummy vehicles. This is not a configuration that was ever used in combat, as far as is known.

Of the 90 photos in the collection, 28 are shown here. If you are interested in learning more about the collection, or in licensing images in the collection, contact

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Decoy truck

Pneumatic construction of a 3/4 ton, 4x4, weapons carrier truck

decoy cannon

C of E Model No. 14 Gun, 155mm, M1, Shipping weight 250 lbs, 33.6 cu. ft.

decoy tank in use by the ghost army

Prefabricated, pneumatic type M-4 tank with mushroom type turret

decoy tank in warehouse

C of E Model No. 4 tank, medium, M4, shipping weight 250 lbs, 33.6 cu. ft.

soldier setting up a tarp structure

Soldier folding or unfolding deflated piece of equipment

soldier assembling decoy army equipment made of logs and tarps

Soldier standing next to inflated vehicle frame, positioned on its side

decoy jeep in the field

Inflated truck

arial view of decoy tanks and jeeps in world war 2

Collection of five inflated vehicles

decoy truck with soldier standing next to it

Soldier standing with inflated truck

decoy scarecrow soldier with decoy Bofors gun

Personnel figure with center pole support, paper mache soldier, face cone and helmet. 40mm Bofors gun, pneumatic construction of 4" diameter neoprene tubes. Tires individually inflated.

Decoy inflated truck trailer for a tank

Pneumatic construction, truck, trailer, 40-ton tank recovery

decoy inflated tank carrier on a road

Inflated, pneumatic tank carrier with camouflage cover

decoy cargo truck world war 2

C. of E. Model No. 8 truck, 2 1/2 ton, 6 x 6 cargo with camouflage canvas, shipping weight 165 lbs., 31.8 cu. ft., with two large duffel-type bags next to it, possibly containing deflated vehicles for transport

decoy inflated tank in the woods

Inflatable M-4 Sherman tank positioned in a wooded area; note figure in lower right

inflatable truck

Inflated truck with canvas cover

framework of inflatable truck

Inflated tube frame of vehicle

Inflated truck with canvas cover showing frame

Inflated truck with canvas cover, showing pneumatic tube frame

decoy antiaircraft guns by a road

Collection of inflated anti-aircraft guns

Inflated truck on a dirt road in the woods

Inflated truck with camouflage canvas cover

decoy truck viewed through the woods

Inflated truck viewed from a distance

Two inflated trucks

Two inflated trucks

two inflated decoy trucks

Two inflated trucks; the right vehicle is an M-4 tank equipped with "Sunshield" pneumatic deception cover, which was not employed by the Ghost Army

Decoy truck on in a field

C. of E. Model No. 19, "Sunshield" pneumatic deception cover for M-4 medium tank, shipping weight 226 lbs., 23 cu. ft. This was not employed by the Ghost Army.

arial view of farmhouse surrounded by decoy vehicles ww2

Aerial view, showing a collection of inflated dummies on the right side of the building

decoy landing craft in a bay ww2

Landing craft tank (LCT) towed by a small boat, which is a giveaway that the LCT is itself an inflatable

decoy landing craft being towed

Landing craft tank (LCT)

decoy landing craft by the shore with people walking toward it

Landing craft tank (LCT) near shore with people and a genuine LCT on the left

decoy inflatable landing craft being lifted and launched on a beach

Landing craft tank (LCT) being lifted into the water by a group of men

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